Health Steal Up SWGoH: A Guide to Boosting Your Squad’s Survivability

Health Steal Up SWGoH-Are you tired of your squad getting wiped out too easily in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGoH)? Do you want to improve your team’s survivability and dominate your opponents in battles? Then it’s time to focus on health steal!

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of health steal in SWGoH and provide tips on how to increase your squad’s health steal, as well as how to use it effectively in battles. So let’s dive in and learn how to make our teams more formidable!

What is Health Steal?

Health steal is a game mechanic in SWGoH that allows characters to recover health by dealing damage to their opponents. Essentially, it’s a way to sustain your team’s health during battles and increase their survivability.

The amount of health stolen is based on a character’s health steal percentage, which can be found in their stats. The higher the percentage, the more health they’ll steal with each attack. Some characters also have abilities that increase their health steal, making them even more effective at staying alive in battles.

Why is Health Steal Important?

In SWGoH, battles can be long and grueling, and surviving until the end is crucial for victory. That’s where health steal comes in – it allows your characters to stay alive longer by recovering health with each attack.

Additionally, health steal can help balance out the damage received by your team. If a character is taking a lot of damage, but also dealing out a lot of damage with each attack, they can still stay alive and contribute to the fight thanks to health steal.

How to Increase Health Steal

Now that we know what health steal is and why it’s important, let’s look at some ways to increase it in SWGoH.

1. Mod Upgrades

Mod upgrades are one of the most effective ways to increase health steal in SWGoH. Look for mods with health steal primaries, as well as mods with secondary stats that increase health steal percentage. You can also upgrade mods to increase their health steal stats.

2. Gear Upgrades

Gear upgrades can also increase health steal, as some gear pieces provide health steal bonuses. Focus on upgrading gear that provides health steal, and consider using gear salvage to craft gear pieces that provide health steal.

3. Character Abilities

Some characters have abilities that increase their health steal percentage or provide health steal bonuses to their teammates. Look for characters with these abilities and consider using them in your squad.

4. Leader Abilities

Certain leaders have abilities that increase their squad’s health steal percentage or provide health steal bonuses. Look for leaders with these abilities and consider using them in your squad.

5. Synergy

Some character combinations have unique synergy abilities that can increase their health steal. Look for character combinations that have synergy abilities related to health steal and consider using them in your squad.

How to Use Health Steal Effectively

Now that we know how to increase health steal, let’s look at how to use it effectively in battles.

1. Focus on High Health Steal Characters

In battles, prioritize using characters with high health steal percentages. These characters will be able to recover more health with each attack, making them more resilient in battle.

2. Target High Damage Dealers

Focus your attacks on opponents that deal the most damage. This will not only help you take out opponents faster but also allow you to recover more health with each attack.

3. Use Taunt and Protection

Taunt and protection abilities can help protect your high health steal characters from taking damage. Use these abilities strategically to keep your team alive longer.

4. Use Healing Abilities Wisely

Some characters have healing abilities that can be useful for sustaining their health and increasing their survivability. However, these abilities should be used strategically, as they often have long cooldowns and can be better saved for critical moments in battles.

.5 Balance Health Steal and Damage Output

While health steal is important for sustaining your team’s health, it’s also important to deal damage and take out opponents quickly. Make sure to balance your team’s health steal and damage output to maximize your chances of victory.

6. Consider Mod and Gear Set Bonuses

Certain mod and gear set bonuses can provide additional health steal bonuses to your team. Look for these bonuses and consider using mods and gear that provide them to further increase your team’s survivability.

7. Practice and Experiment

Finally, the best way to learn how to use health steal effectively is to practice and experiment. Try out different team compositions, character combinations, and strategies to see what works best for your playstyle and team.

In conclusion, health steal is a valuable game mechanic in SWGoH that can significantly improve your team’s survivability in battles. By focusing on increasing your team’s health steal and using it effectively in battles, you can dominate your opponents and become a formidable force in the galaxy.

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