IKS Health Salary for Freshers 2023

IKS Health Salary for Freshers-IKS Health is aware of how crucial it is for you to be aware of a company’s wage information before accepting a job offer. We created this in-depth information to IKS Health Salaries as a result.

IKS Health Salary for Freshers

IKS Health is a fast expanding provider of healthcare solutions, providing technology, consulting, and revenue cycle management to healthcare organizations. The company is well-established in the Philippines, India, and the US.


Salary Ranges at IKS Health

IKS Health pays its workers a competitive wage. Depending on the job title, location, and years of experience, different wage levels apply. The minimum and maximum pay scales for some of the most sought-after positions at IKS Health are shown below:

Medical Coders

Depending on their location and expertise, medical coders at IKS Health might get a minimum income of $25,000 and a maximum compensation of $65,000 annually.

Software Developers

Depending on their location and expertise, software developers at IKS Health might get a minimum income of $70,000 and a maximum compensation of $130,000 annually.

Healthcare Consultants

Depending on their location and expertise, healthcare consultants at IKS Health can make a minimum income of $60,000 and a maximum pay of $120,000 annually.

Advantages of IKS Health

IKS Health provides its employees with a full benefits package in addition to competitive compensation. The advantages comprise:

401(k) plan Paid Time Off Life and Disability Insurance Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
IKS Health’s employee assistance program culture

Culture at IKS Health

At IKS Health, we think that a happy workplace environment is crucial to the success of both our staff members and the business. We make an effort to foster an environment at work that is welcoming, diverse, and encouraging of our employees’ personal and professional development.


Application Process for Jobs at IKS Health

Visit our careers page on our website if working for IKS Health interests you. Check back frequently as we update our job listings frequently.

IKS Health

IKS Health is a leading healthcare solutions provider that offers a range of services including revenue cycle management, technology, and consulting. The company was founded in 2007 with the vision of transforming the healthcare industry by providing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient care.

Services for Revenue Cycle Management

The revenue cycle management services offered by IKS Health are one of its main advantages. The RCM solutions offered by the organization are made to assist healthcare providers in maximizing income while reducing administrative strain. The full revenue cycle, from patient registration and appointment scheduling through claims processing and payment posting, is covered by IKS Health’s RCM services.

Automation and cutting-edge technology underpin the company’s RCM solutions, which aid in streamlining operations and lowering mistake rates. Additionally, IKS Health has a group of knowledgeable billing and coding specialists who can guide healthcare providers through the intricate world of healthcare reimbursement.

Technical Options

IKS Health provides healthcare providers with technology solutions in addition to RCM. The company’s technological solutions are made to assist healthcare practitioners in utilizing data to enhance patient care, simplify procedures, and save costs.

The electronic health record (EHR) system provided by IKS Health is one of the company’s main technological solutions. The company’s EHR system has features that enable clinical decision-making, patient involvement, and care coordination and is made to be user-friendly and adaptable.

The technological solutions offered by IKS Health also include analytics and reporting capabilities that may be used by healthcare professionals to spot patterns, monitor progress, and make informed decisions. Healthcare providers can streamline their operations, enhance patient outcomes, and cut costs by using the company’s analytics and reporting solutions.

Advisory Services

IKS Health provides advisory services to healthcare providers in addition to RCM and technological solutions. The firm’s consulting services are intended to assist healthcare providers with operational optimization, patient care improvement, and navigating regulatory and compliance challenges.

Revenue cycle consulting is one of the main consulting services provided by IKS Health. The company’s revenue cycle consulting services can assist healthcare providers in determining where their revenue cycle needs work, developing plans to increase revenue, and putting best practices into effect.

Clinical consulting is one of the consulting services offered by IKS Health, which can assist healthcare providers in enhancing patient care, streamlining clinical workflows, and meeting regulatory requirements. A group of skilled clinicians and medical professionals with in-depth knowledge of healthcare operations provide the company’s clinical consulting services.


IKS Health’s dedication to innovation is another one of its strong points. The business features a devoted innovation team that is focused on creating fresh approaches and tools that might aid healthcare practitioners in enhancing patient care and results.

The artificial intelligence (AI) platform that IKS Health has created is one of its core innovations. Machine learning algorithms are used by the company’s AI platform to analyze data from many different sources, such as EHRs, claims data, and patient-generated data.

The platform can assist medical professionals in identifying patients who are at risk for chronic illnesses, forecasting outcomes, and creating individualized care strategies. The AI platform from IKS Health has the potential to transform healthcare by enabling more precise and individualized care that can enhance results and save costs.

Social Responsibility of Corporations

IKS Health is dedicated to innovation and corporate social responsibility, in addition to both. The business has a number of programs intended to promote charitable causes and give back to the community.

The IKS Health Foundation, which is committed to advancing healthcare education and enhancing access to healthcare, is one of the primary efforts. The organization funds a number of initiatives, including disaster relief operations, free health screenings for marginalized regions, and scholarships for students studying medicine.

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